• 僅提供入住房客使用。
  • 本區每日開放時間 : 09:00~21:00;每日清潔時段不開放 : 14:00~15:00。
  • 大保養日 : 每月最末週之週一不開放。
  • 限3至8歲孩童入場,需 1位成人陪同;入場者一律須著襪子。
  • 採預約制,預約時段保留10分鐘,未到則開放給現場等候客人。
  • 每次入場遊戲時間至多1小時,如下一梯次預約未滿,可延長一次。
  • 總人數最多容納10人。
  • 場內禁止飲食、禁止喧嘩、禁止奔跑、請勿潑灑沙子。
  • 請勿將沙子及玩具外帶,離場前請將身上沙子清除乾淨。




Hours: 9:00am – 2:00pm and 3:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday through Sunday

(Closed for cleaning 2:00pm – 3:00pm every day)

(Closed on last Monday of each month for maintenance)


  • Room guest only.
  • Only children aged 3 to 8 are allowed inside. (One adult must be present for supervision.) Everyone must wear socks – no bare feet allowed.
  • Reservations are needed. Reservation will be held for 10 minutes before releasing to others.
  • Maximum number of participants is limited to 10. Each session is limited to one hour. (Extension to a second hour can be made on availability basis.)
  • Please be considerate of others. No food or drinks. No running or throwing sand.
  • Do not remove any toys or sand from the area. Clean off sand from you and your clothes before leaving area.

enlightenedNote: There are no restrooms in the area. Please use restroom and dry off hands before entering the sandpit.