• 採預約制,房客收費NT200/非房客收費NT300,每次使用20分鐘。如遇尖峰期,請現場排隊耐心等候,將依序為您安排使用。
  • 適用對象:體重30kg以內的孩童使用。
  • 每台電動車依車款限乘1-2人,坐乘時請繫上安全帶、安全駕駛。
  • 切勿讓兒童接觸車輪及車輪附近位置,以免夾傷壓傷。
  • 請勿在行駛中突然變換前進後退開關,必須等車子停止後再變換,否則嚴重損壞驅動齒輪箱。
  • 車道皆為單向行駛,勿碰撞玻璃或追逐衝撞,容易造成損壞及受傷。
  • 請愛惜車輛,遊戲時勿快速扭動方向盤及用力按壓車內按鍵,容易造成機器毀損,電動車禁止推行,會造成內部齒輪損壞,如果使用不當造成損壞,需照價賠償。
  • 為提供安全的遊樂空間,請勿攜帶私人兒童電動車、學步車、滑板車等至賽車道使用。


Race Track User Guide

Opening Hours:09:00am-09:00pm

  • Charge: hotel guest NT200, others NT300. Each session is 20 minutes. Please stay in line patiently at the venue during the peak hour.
  • User limitation: only for children are weight under 30kg.
  • Limit passengers by car type are from 1 to 2. Please fasten the seatbelt while drive and drive safely.
  • Do not let children touch the wheels or anywhere near the wheels. They might cause injures.
  • Do not push the forward/backward button when the car is still running. It is safe to operate the button only when the car is at full stop, otherwise the gearbox will be severely damaged.
  • Follow the direction while driving on track. Do not hit the glass walls or engage in a chase that will cause damages or injures.
  • Please use carefully while driving. Do not steer and push the bottom improperly, it will cause the damages. Do not push car manually as it will break the gearbox. Guest will be liable for any damages.
  • For the safety of the space, do not use personal vehicles (kids’ electric cars, baby walkers, kick scooters, etc.) on the track.